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The Old Stamp House wine list has been carefully selected to ensure only the best quality is being poured.

The wines on offer have been carefully chosen by both Ryan and Craig, who have both taken the time to tirelessly research, taste and select each wine that features.

Working with their wine merchant they have deliberately set out to design a wine list to highlight some of the most acclaimed wine growing regions from across the globe and to showcase the unique flavours and characteristics that these wines bring to the food they serve.

In their search they have sought to introduce some of their food ethos to their wine list, by including a diverse, and eclectic range of vineyards, which present varietals and blends that directly complement the seasonal dishes crafted by Ryan Blackburn.

You will find the Old Stamp House’s wine list provides diversity, great value and showcases producers with a dedication to producing only the finest quality wines served alongside our carefully developed fine dining menus.

These are wines that are fundamental in helping to build the foundations of a delicious meal.

Food Inspired By Cumbria
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