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The Old Stamp House showcases a unique food culture long influenced by the landscape. The seasonal fine dining menus created by head chef Ryan Blackburn pay homage to the area's food heritage, its people, and its rich cultural heritage.

This dramatic landscape has dictated the very nature of farming. The rich coastal plains of the Solway are perfect for dairy cattle, the rugged high fells ideal for the iconic hardy Herdwick sheep breed and act as a haven to an abundance of game in the form of partridge, venison, and rabbit.

The windswept Irish sea coast yields an abundance of seasonal fish and seafood, with sea bass, crab, langoustine, lobster and brown shrimp available from the Solway to the north and vast expanses of Morecambe Bay to the south, whilst the coastal shores reveal a riot of forageable herbs and flowers.


The wooded river valleys offer up trout and salmon, pheasant and deer, the lakes provide pike and charr, and the ancient woods and hedgerows provide an abundance of mushrooms, nuts, berries, herbs, and flowers.

Alongside this the wines on offer at The Old Stamp House have been carefully chosen by both Ryan and Craig. In their search they have sought to introduce some of their food ethos to their wine list, including a diverse, and eclectic range of vineyards, to complement the seasonal menus served.

Food Inspired By Cumbria
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