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Our Sister Restaurant Kysty


Kysty is our sister restaurant located in the heart of Ambleside, serving food crafted by the team behind The Old Stamp House.

At its very heart are brothers Ryan and Craig Blackburn, who inspired by the landscape they grew up in, have set about creating a quintessentially Cumbrian inspired dining experience.

When Kysty was opened in 2018, their mission was to serve great food, which above all else had to be seasonal, inspirational, and delicious.

You’ll be pleased to know that their priorities haven’t changed one little bit…

Their motivation is to provide their guests with warm Cumbrian hospitality and a truly memorable dining experience, one that they will want to enjoy time and time again, and there’s no doubt that Kysty’s  menu curated by Head Chef Dan Hopkins are testament to that…

Offering a more relaxed dining venue and an 'A la carte' menu we hope that Kysty will appeal to all who enjoy the Old Stamp House Restaurant.

Opening Hours

Lunch Menu Served: 12.00pm - 2.00pm (Thurs - Sat)

Dinner Menu Served 5.30pm - 9.30pm (Wed - Sat)

We look forward to sharing our food and hospitality with you.

Ryan & Craig

All Other Enquiries

Please Email

Food Inspired By Cumbria
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